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June 9

June 9
Every time things get super slow, we have no one to teach, and we kinda feel discouraged, we are taught a lesson. This time it was patience. So we went out looking for new people and met a bunch of bible bashers (who really have never read the bible in my opinion), Catholics, and people that just don't want religion. Determined to find people we searched for days. Finally one afternoon after a particularly unfriendly bible basher, we ran into a young woman on the street. She just happened to be out there and happy to talk to us. So we set up an appointment and she even went to church. Well last week her sister asked if we could do noche de hogar (FHE) and of course we said yes. Hermana Corleto asked what I thought we should teach and I thought that it would be best to talk about Christ of course, so we planned a lesson from 3 Nephi when Christ blesses the children. I explained to the family that in my own family we would have a lesson and sometimes play a game or something fun, so we taught the lesson and set off to play a game. Oh man it was great. All the sudden every child in the house was in the room (13 children) and we played a game similar to hot potato. Then the last round, whoever lost had to pray. We had so much fun and the family LOVED it. I am so glad that we had that experience. That is my purpose here. To help families find happiness. I don't know what is going to happen with this family, if they will join the church or not. But I do know that they will remember that night the sister missionaries came to their home and brought them all together to talk about Christ and feel love. It was a wonderful experience. 
Chinese food with the Elders on P-day... because we could. 

I was very blessed this week to receive a huge handful of letters from my family and even a package of goodies! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am so lucky to have such a supportive family. I am really appreciate your continued support throughout each week. I know it must be crazy frustrating that I can never talk much, and yet yall still do it. I can't thank you enough. 
Spanish update! So things are definitely getting better. The bishop and I have this game kinda where we check my progress with Spanish. Pretty much he tries to talk to me and if I understand then he keeps talking, and if I don't he gets awkward and doesn't talk to me anymore. It's funny. So the other day he tries talking to me and I can understand and respond and he tricked me. He asked what my favorite food was here, and I told him Baleadas, and he said great we are having that tomorrow at my house, see ya there. I totally fell into the trap. I mean the food was delish, but the problem is that we live so far away from him and I never know if I am going to make it home before becoming ill. Oh what an adventure. But hey, I made it... just barely... but I did. :) Good times
Yo quiero compartir mi testimonio con ustedes. Familias son un bendicion de Dios. Estoy agradecida para tener la oportunidad para ensenar las familias aqui en La Paz. Familias puede ser juntos para siempre. Que un gran bendicion! Se que si nosotros oramos juntos podemos recibir paz y gozo en este vida y fortalecer nuestros familias. Se que necesitamoos tener la fe. Solo por medio de fe en Jesucristo y Su evangelio podemos ser felices. Estoy agradecida por la oportunidad para servir el Senor. Espero que ustedes pueden leer y orar diariamente. Promete que si haven estes cosas recibir├án muchos bendiciones. 
Hermana Moyer 

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