Sunday, July 20, 2014

June 30

Hola familia!
So guess what. I was actually really sick last week. And the week before. BUT I AM BETTER WHOOO!!! The problem is that I, yet again, don't have much of an email to write. I will fill you in on what it's like to get sick in a third world country. What an adventure. So I got really sick one day, and all the sudden I had a temp at 39.5 which is bad. I don't know how to convert that. So the next day we went to the hospital and they did a test and thought I had Typhoid Fever but weren't really sure. It was dumb. So we went to the city the next day to a different much better hospital and they did a oh goodness what is it called, that test thing with the wand to look at babies in women's stomachs, can't remember, but yeah they did that to see why I had so much pain in my stomach. They didn't find much just confirmed that I had Typhoid Fever then sent us home with meds. Which is why I used the card a bunch. Sorry! 
We were told to return for a checkup on Tuesday, so that meant I had to get over here to email last week. Yeah, I flat out fell asleep on the keyboard trying to tell you guys I was fine. But I tried! We went back on Tuesday and the doc was like woah, no way, you aren't any better. So I was hopitalized for the 3 most boring days of my life. Turns out I had Dengue ALSO. Whoo. But all is well now. I am better. Not working yet, but I am giving my comp all sorts of attitude so that's a good sign. The worst part of the whole experience is that we were in this hopital room for three days with a glorious looking tv and we could not turn it on to watch the world cup. So disappointed. 
Yeah, that's pretty much what's been going on. I am all good now, and don't want any of you to worry. If anything I have learned that I am definitely one tough and determined girl and I can do ANYTHING. I am so happy to be here in Honduras. Seriously, I am falling in love with this life I am living. I can't even remember the life I used to live. Like this morning there was a dead lizard in our pila and I didn't even flinch. I was actually upset, like how dare you die in our pila cause now we have to take the time to clean it. Ugh. Before I probably would have been a lot more dramatic about it. 
I love you guys so much. I know that this church is true. I am so gratfeul for the knowledge I have the we are all beloved children of our Heavenly Father. It does not matter what color skin we have, how tall we are, where we lived. He loves us each individually and through Him we can do anything. I mean, I can speak Spanish for the most part. Not perfect of course, but people understand. I was sitting in a hosital bed last week with these two doctors telling me all sorts of stuff and I could understand. We can do anything through the Lord. Have faith. I know that through faith we can do anything. This church is true!
I love you all soooooooo much and can't wait to get back to work so I can tell you all sorts of fun stuff. 
Love Hermana Moyer

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