Sunday, July 20, 2014

June 16

Okay so I made a list of random things here to tell you. 
The trash system here... yeah it doesn't really exist. So what they do is pile up their garbage on the street and set it on fire. It took me like 3 weeks to figure out why there was always burning piles everywhere. Yeah it's there trash. And guess what, it doesn't even smell all that bad.
Sister missionaries do have trash service. 
Public bathrooms also do not exist. So if you gotto go you gotta book it home. No joke. It is crazy. And you can't even ask a member really cause a lot of the time they don't have water so you end up just making them feel bad. 
I think Lady Gaga came out with a new song in the states recently because they just started playing it like crazy here. Like ALL THE TIME. 
Uhm the rain. Whomever it was that said walking in rain would give me soft feet had no clue what that really meant. What really happens is your feet get super soft and your toe nails crack and it is super painful when your feet are dry again. We were walking in pouring rain and I saw a family walking without umbrellas. I recognized them as the Elder's investigators and without thinking I took Hermana Corleto's umbrella and mine and gave them to them and kept walking. Hermana Corleto didn't seem too upset at me, just helped me assure the investigators that we were fine and hurried along beside me. We were completely soaked through.
People here are blunt. Like crazy blunt. So they like to tell me things like "oh hey you are sweating a lot" and I have to fight the urge to be like "NO WAY??" I mean, it's not like I just climbed up three giant hills to get to your house. But yeah. And zits... they like to point those out too.They will say hey you have a big friend on your face and it is totally normal for them. Oh and they like to tell me that my family is going to think I am beautiful when I go home cause I am going to lose so much weight here... I thought they already thought I was beautiful... :)
And now for the stories of the week...
So I had my first experiences with bad food this week. First was a "dessert." Actually it was a bowl of molasses, coconut, and cinnamon, and my companion almost laughed right there because she could see how hard it was to keep a straight face. I just told myself to take huge bites and it would be done faster. I'll be honest though, as soon as we left and were out of sight I started to gag right there in the street. Oh man was it bad. My companion thought it was pretty funny. 
Then we had interchanges on Friday so I was here in La Paz with another Gringa. Well we decided to try a fruit that they told us was super good and we would love it. Kinda looks like a GIANT snap pea in a way. So anyways we had no idea how to eat it and we just kinda went for it. It had this fuzzy white coating around what would be the pea. So we both take a bite, and I am thinking to myself "this is not good," but I am trying to embrace culture so I take another bite. And we are just quietly chewing. Finally I told her "I don't think I like this" and she was like great me too, and we spit it out. But oh man the taste in our mouth. We ate cereal, tortillas, and whatever we could, but that taste would not go away. Finally we sat there and just kept eating mint after mint. And when my companion came back from changes she saw the fruit and got SUPER excited. We just stared as she ran over, peeled of the white part and ate it then threw away the pea looking part. Yep learned our lesson... never eat ANYTHING without a Latino around to tell you how. 
This week I felt truly happy for the first time here. It's has been this crazy hard adjustment that did not feel good at all. Then I had this moment when I realized that I really cared about some of the people and since then I have felt happy. My area is hard. We have a really difficult time with both the ward and investigators. But we keep on trying because we have moments that make us feel absolutely amazing. Like one of my favorite families. They are menos acitvos and don't come to church very often. We visit them every once in a while and they just have such a hard time. The dad is a drunk and has brought down the whole family. They didn't want to pray. They just seem so sad all the time. One day we asked the hermano to pray and he said no, that he wasn't worthy and couln't do it. We told him prayer is for everyone. It's not a show. Just try a little teeny prayer. Well he said the best prayer I have heard from anyone here. It was beautiful and he prayed that his Dad would stop drinking and I wanted to cry for them. It was so sad. The next time we went to visit he said the same thing, and I told him that I remembered his prayer and that I thought it was wonderful, and it just lifted his spirits to hear that. All I did was remember his prayer and that gave hime hope. He prayed again that day. I love that I can have a little bit of an influence on these people. Esepcially now that I can speak more Spanish.
I know that this church is true and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to serve. I love what I am doing and learn so much every day. I had to give a talk in church yesterday. A TALK! In front of everyone, and I told them the same thing I am telling you now. Have faith. This life is so much better, so much happier when we have faith. I was reading in Romans I think it was 6 or 8, this morning. We have trials to have experience, experience to have faith, and faith to have hope. Heavenly Father loves us. Christ suffered for us. And this life is worth it. 
I love you all SOOOOOO much! And miss you all like crazy. Pray everyday for I know it will help you!
Hermana Moyer  

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