Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 7

Hey All!!
I hope that every one is doing well! Another week down and another fast Sunday. I cannot believe it. Where has the time gone? 
So I remember when we were younger, okay even just before I left, and Mom would always yell at us for not being serious in the prayer and that we need to not laugh. I promise, normally I don't laugh in prayer. I mean I have experienced some pretty out there prayers here (they like to stand up and yell and stuff), but I NEVER laugh. Well I laughed during a prayer. So I have an admirer in church, his name is Carlos or Juan, I can never remember. Well he like to speak English to me and it's always SUPER awkward. We were in church and he came up to me and said "Sister Moyer can you come to my house" and I was kinda creeped out and all, but told him in Spanish that I would love to come visit his family. During the week we went and visited his mom, and I will admit I was happy that he wasn't there just cause it is SO awkward. But he showed up after a few minutes. I think she told him we were there. Anyways, so we had a super akward lesson and invited her to come back to church and remember the blessings of the gospel and all that. Well we are chatting and all the sudden in English he says "Are you leaving" and we were like uh sure yeah we are leaving. So we invited him to say the prayer and he prays for his family and all that then he says "please bless Hermana Moyer and uhm Hermana... uhm... uh... her companion..." then he is embarrassed so in the prayer he stops looks up and asks Hermana Corleto her name and goes to continue his prayer but his mom straight up hit him. And I laughed. I am a terrible human being, but I laughed in a prayer. It was so funny. Please bless Hermana Moyer and uhmm..... oh man. So funny.
So since I had been sick the ward missed their gringa and when we went yesterday in the middle of welcoming everyone and all that the Bishop announced that they were all so grateful that Hermana Moyer was back at church and doing well. Oh man I was so red. In front of EVERYONE. Ugh good times. It is so cool though that I have my ward family here in La Paz that care about me and want to help. I remember feeling so out of place those first few weeks, but now it's all so normal. I really am enjoying my mission and all these new experiences. 
Well I miss you all and love you soo much. 

Hermana Moyer

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