Sunday, July 20, 2014

Coming Home

Hermana Corleto and I were celebrating my recovery from two terrible illness with a treat of ice cream. So here were are at this store just after leaving the Doctor's office, buying are ice cream all happy and all that, when President calls. I happened to have the phone so I answered and he was confused because he thought I sounded like another sister that had been there for more than a year. So after complimenting me on my improved Spanish he says "Hermana Moyer you are going home."
Those were the words I never ever expected to here. I literally started crying and told him he must be kidding. I couldn't go home. I had work to do. But he explained that I needed surgery and it was better that I go home to do so.
Why do I need surgery? Well, when I was in the hospital with the two other illnesses they did a sonogram to see why my stomach was hurting so bad and discovered I have a huge cyst. After talking to the mission nurse and some other people, it was pretty much decided that I would be fine and we all thought it was something that would go away on it's own. When we went back to get cleared to work again, they told us that it really needed to be removed.
That morning I called the mission nurse and told her the size of the cyst and she let me know that she thought it would be fine but she was going to talk to the mission doctor. It was decided by him right then that I needed to go home. I had no idea. By the time President called me, the plane ticket was already purchased and my family was aware of what was going on.
The blessings in this situation... first off, I GET TO GO BACK! I am only home temporarily. Just to have surgery and return. I am also very grateful that things happened the way they did. Had I not been so ill I would never have known I had a cyst. I honestly thought my stomach hurt because we were doing ab workouts every morning. Had we not known it could have been very, very bad.
I only had a day and a half to prepare to leave. I literally had after that phone call to say my goodbyes and then the next day I had to go to the city so my companion could still work. Those few hours were so great though. We went and said goodbye to a few families, everyone gave me a ton of food, and they cried. They were so sad to see me go. It was so cool to see that I had done what I came to do. I love those people and cared about them so much that they didn't want me to go.
Hermana Eufemia, my mom in the mission. She would wash my clothes and sit with me when I was sick.  
She gave us tamales before I left. They were HUGE. 
My district threw me a going away party which was super sweet. They cooked me food and we all just sat around and talked.

 President came to our house to say goodbye and bring my travel info. I think he was really sad and aware that we were very upset so he brought us chocolate cake. It was super sweet.

 I wanted to take a picture with a donkey since my first day. Just cause they are everywhere in La Paz. We are walking next to a highway here and found this one. I think it wanted to be my friend.

I do not know why this happened. This whole mission journey has been such a struggle the entire time. I must admit that each time I get knocked down, I amaze myself when I don't give up and get up and keep going. I worked way too hard to serve and I know that I can bless people's live. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for me. He really must be preparing me for something big with all these trials He throws in my path. But I am ready.
I know that this church is true. I am so excited to be home with my family for this short "vacation" because it is a huge reminder of why I wanted to serve in the first place. The church really does bless families and I really feel blessed to be able to teach others how they can receive these blessings as well.
I am not giving up... I just barely started.

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