Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hola familia!
Can't believe another week has passed. And next week is fast Sunday so I will only have 15 more after that. WHAT?!!
I GOT MY PACKAGE!!!! Thank you so much. My shoes are already dirty so they are being put to good use. I was excited to see Easter candy. Mmm so good. And the minion shirt is the best. Thank you.
Also I recieved 3 letters. But I know there are more sitting in the office cause at the meeting Hermana Fortuna commented on how I had a ton of them in there and was unhappy that they didn't bring them to me. She said something else but I can only understand so much Spanish. Hopefully I will get the rest this week cause on Wednesday we get to go to the temple! YAY!!!!
So an intersting experience this week. I was feeling pretty lame after our meeting on Wednesday because they had my companion and I do a practice in front of every one about teaching baptism. Well I was as usual, the only person in the room that doesn't speak and understand Spanish very well. I actually felt so embarrassed after that I cried. I work so hard and yet I just can't get this. The process is always so hard. So we left the meeting and got on the bus and took a leap of faith. We pulled out our hymn books and sang a song, then separated and taught as many people as we could. Well guess what, all by myself in Honduras I got 2 contacts. I was so proud of myself. We normally don't even get two contacts in a regular day. Heavenly Father was definitely helping me to remember to be confident. Cause I can do this. I just need to be patient.
We were fed what I call the plantain nachos for our weekly dinner at a members house. Not even kidding I am seriously started to fall in love with the food. It is so good. I haven't had a single food here that I hated.
I got sick for the first time here yesterday. It was not fun. So I couldn't go to church and my companion had a member stay with me in the house so she could be with our investigators at church. I was in bed so I didn't even see this woman, but apparently she got bored and she washed ALL of my laundry. All of it. Like for real. It was the sweetest thing. And we had people calling to check on me and some even brought medicine for me. I am so blessed that this ward has taken me in. La Paz will always hold a special place in my heart. It is so frustrating, but oh so worth it.
The Pila, for clothes washing, and dishes, and water for the toilet. 
I know this church is true. I am so grateful for the blessings of this gospel. It is such a blessing to have the opportunity to be with my family forever and a privelage to teach this message to others. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I finished it yesterday and was actually sad that I didn't have more to read. We have so many blessings to gain from reading and studying the scriptures and I am grateful for the opportunity to do so. I love this gospel and I love this mission.
Till next week,

Hermana Moyer

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