Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hey everyone!
What a blessing it was to talk to everyone yesterday. Seriously, it was the best thing for me. I really appreciate all the support from each of you. The signs were absolutely amazing and so thoughtful.
This mission is hard. I am dealing with so much that I don't know here. The people really like me because I am a gringa and so they give me a lot of attention and I have no clue what they are saying half the time. Honestly this whole thing thing is a struggle. but I am learning so much and there is no way I would ever quit what I have worked so hard for. I know that I am being blessed so much here. For example, my shoes gave me some crazy blisters one day, they hurt so bad. There was one on each big toe at least the size of a nickle. I was worried about them opening and bleading and making a mess in my only pair of shoes. Well I woke up the next morning and the were pretty much healed. Like there really wasn't anything there. It was incredible. I have not gotten sick to the surprise of pretty much everyone. There are sisters that have been here for a year and still get sick at each change. It has been a huge blessing to be healthy and well enough to just get out and get to work. I have never been a morning person and I wake up each morning dreading the day ahead. It is hard to get going and be positive. But as soon as we step outisde our door and get to work, nothing else matters. I can't wait to really lose myself in this work. Because of this whole language barrier though I am too often lost in my thoughts of what I miss. With time all will be well.
So creepy, the other day our investigator was wearing a shirt that said in English "We record when no one knows we are watching" with a pciture of a camera. I just thought that was the creepiest thing ever. Like if he knew what it said maybe he wouldn't wear it.
So in each lesson we start out with a song. Well the other night my companion picked a song but got it confused with another so she was singing the words to a different tune. I just followed along cause it wasn't like the investigator knew. And he wouln't have known, had she not realized and started laughing. So I was laughing, and this poor dude just kept singing all by himself. It was so bad.
Anyways, I miss yall so much. I have to go wash my laundry and buy food now. Whoo.
Know that I know this church is true. There is nothing more important in this life than family and Christ. Through Christ we can all be happy in this life. We can achieve anything (even living in another country for 18 months.) I am so grateful for this opportunity that I have. It is the hardest thing I have ever done but it has already changed me for the better and will continue to do so. The Book of Mormon is a huge source of strength. I am so grateful that we have the ability to read and learn from the examples. This life is a blessed one. I encourage all of you to pray. Pray daily, and kneel both in the morning and the night. It will help you so much.
I love you and miss you like crazy. Only 16 more fast Sunday's though so I am going to take advantage of each and every one. :)
Till next week,
Hermana Moyer

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