Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hey everyone!!
First things first, clumsy Cherish still exists. I worried so much about losing who I am, you know the silly, goofy girl that makes people laugh. Well it's not gonna happen. So the other day I bought some super glue to fix one of my two pairs of shoes. I'm sitting there trying to put the lid on this glue and suddenly glue shoots out the side of the lid, onto my face and into my eye. Yep, I got super glue IN MY EYE. How crazy right? I have inlcuded a picture of my beautiful face today. We called the nurse and she was freaking out because she had never heard of something like this. It was actually kinda funny. So she is panicking and I'm like uhm I have no clue how this happen, and my companion is trying to figure out what to do. We ended up going to the pharmacy and just using eye drops and within a couple days it was fine. So no worries. All is well. Just so funny and random. I have no clue how I do these things.
Super glue eye. 
You'll be happy to hear that my Spanish is improving rapidly. My companion likes to tell me that I am stubborn and that is why I have such success. It's true though, I am so determined to do this. I have talked more and more in each lesson. Well, when we are lucky enough to have a lesson. But it is getting better and I am so grateful.
The work here is hard. People really just don't want to hear it from us. So they set up appointments and then they will hide or refuse to open the door. The other day we went to a house and we could see her sitting on the couch shaking her foot and she flat out ignored us. But I constantly remind my companion that it is going to be okay. They just aren't ready to here us yet. So we walk a ton. I always think of the pioneer children song. You know they walked, and walked, and sang as they walked. We sing too, though I will admit that we are silly girls and currently sing Miley Cyrus, The Climb, because when climbing up a mountain, you just have to sing a song about mountains. Hey, at least it is inspirational right?
The beauty of Honduras... minus the trash

The other day we kinda got frustrated and we did what any smart girl would do, found the first house selling chocobananas, bought and enjoyed them, and got back to work. It's strange living here where people literally sell you stuff out there house. Like you look for a piece of paper by their door that says they sell it and just walk up and buy whatever. It is different. They other day we went to a restaurant which was really just the garage of a house. They serve the food out the window and you can see their bed. It was weird. But oh my was the food good. I had like nachos but the chips were fried plantains. Oh my. I am actually enjoying some of this food.
Good side of poverty... marbles, kids out home were never outside and here they draw a circle in the dirt and play marbles together. It is so cool that they are out and about and their families get into it. I enjoy seeing the simple side of having a good time.
This week I have been reading in Helaman 10. I was reading about Nephi and how the Lord gave him the power to decide what the people needed. I thought about what I would do in that situation. I would never be able to wish famen upon anyone as he did. But as I thought about it and my purpose here, I know that I would just love them. No matter who they are or what they do in their life, I can just love and serve them to the best of my abilities. In the end, whether or not some one accepted my message or not, at least I tried with pure intent to help them.
I love this gospel and I am grateful for the opportunity I have to be here. I only have a year and a half to enjoy this adventure and I have decided to take every advantage I have to take it all in. All is well and I miss you all so much. Be safe and be happy. Love you!!!
Hermana Moyer

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