Monday, May 5, 2014

So I am finally here in Honduras. What a relief. Believe it or not it took me two days to get here. We flew to San Pedro and then there was a fire so our flight was cancelled. Since we didn't have a phone we prayed a bunch and luckily some Elders from the San Pedro mission came to rescue us. Then on Tuesday we flew from San Pedro to El Salvador and the back to Tegucigalpa. What an adventure that was. But I am here. 
The fire that cancelled the flight. :(
People I arrived with! Only two of us from the states. Represent. 
My first area is La Paz. Let me tell you a bit about it. Okay so we have runnng water, I get to take showers every day, we have a washer and drier, a running toilet, food in abundance, and people who just adore the missionaries. Just kidding. We have none of that. I take a bucket shower every night and the toilet we have to use the bucket to pour in water and get it to flush. There are bugs every where and I am lucky to have a door to close each night. These people here have nothing. I am living in straight up poverty. They don't like to talk to us very much. We have some interesting investigators. I have no clue what they are saying pretty much all the time. This is literally the hardest thing I have ever done. But all is well. WIth each day I have to remind myself that I need to get through today and tomorrow will be better. Eventually, I won't want tomorrow to come because I love today. I don't have to like this right now. I mean, I've been thrown into to less than the poverty in the states and even worse, I don't speak the language. But I have been called by a prophet of God to serve right where am I because the Lord knows that I can and trusts me. I will do this and eventually I will love it.
I know that this is the true church. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and his atonement. I am grateful that I can be with my family forever and what a blessing that is. I know that Thomas S Monson is our prophet today to lead and guide us. I am so gradteful for this gospel.
I only have 40 minutes to write, so sorry if I can't respond. Know that I love all of you and miss home a ton. I am safe and all is well. Go to church!!!
Herama Moyer

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