Sunday, April 6, 2014

This week was not nearly as exciting or crazy as our first week here. We do the same things every day now and have adjusted to our busy schedule. We are learning so much here. It is truly an amazing opportunity to be here in the CCM where the teachers care so much and want so badly for us to learn what they are teaching. My Spanish is improving slowly but surely. I know it is going to be a long difficult road learning the language but already we have been blessed so much. 
On Sunday we had our first fast. Actually it started Saturday night, but we didn't know so it was kinda a surprise when we were told there was no dinner. It was a great experience to get to start a fast with my companions and then fast individually for things that I needed. I was a little frustrated with how many times people said they were hungry, because I felt that it kinda defeated the purpose of fasting if you complain the whole time, but I know that each of the missionaries I am here with, along with myself, has so much growing to do. By the time we go home in 18 months or 2 years, we are going to be such better versions of ourselves. Oh and the feast. Boy was there a feast once our fast was over. They gave us the most delicious meal I have ever eaten. We didn't even know what it was. But it was sooooo good. And they feed like everyone for break the fast so this place was filled. Which is awesome cause there are only about 150 missionaries here from the US. I think it is their slow time of the year. 
I got really frustrated with the language one night.  We were working on the computer and I just could not understand what I was supposed to be learning. It didn't make any bit of sense to me. Our previous investigator, and now teacher, came over and showed me what the computer just could not teach me and it was such a blessing to me. I felt so low in that moment, and there was the Savior reminding me that I am not alone, and that when I really need help he will provide a way. 
We taught four new investigators yesterday in Spanish. It was pretty awesome to see how much we had improved. Compared to the first week when we were straight up reading from pamphlets, and now all we needed was a copy of el Libro de Mormon and could teach pretty successfully. I was super impressed. I know we aren't great, but still... 
I am indeed becoming a pro in ping pong. Except now we have stepped it up and play a game called around the world. I have no idea how to explain it other than there are six people and you run around the ping pong table hitting the ball. It is a lot of fun. One day we were playing and the floor was slippery, oh man was it bad. We were sliding all over the place. I managed to end up on the floor a couple of times myself, and the others we all over too. We were laughing so hard. We probably should have stopped seeing as it wasn't so safe, but it was too great. Our gym time has truly become important to us each day. Our brains really need that break.
Pizza Tuesday was of course amazing. And again they brought out the ketchup. I seriously do no understand why ketchup only appears for pizza night. So weird. The devotional was really great too. Can't remember what it was about, but it was in English so it was amazing. I think it was about conference. Things are really good here. I am learning and growing so much and as much as I miss home, I am so glad that I have this opportunity. Don't forget to watch conference this weekend. In comfy clothes! We get to watch all the sessions in our nice clothes and we aren't allowed to sleep or the call us out in front of everyone, so I KNOW I am going to learn a ton. I hope yall do too!!
Till next week,
Hermana Moye

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