Thursday, April 17, 2014

I gave my first talk on Sunday!!! It was a complete success. Apparently when I am nervous I speak Spanish SUPER fast and the only people that could really understand were the branch presidency. But I did it all in Spanish, from the heart, and it made sense. If only my branch could have understood. I talked about the importance of the holy ghost in teaching. I told them that I know that it is so hard what we are doing, but the Lord is on our side and wants to help us so much, D&C 28:15-16. I told them that I know we all miss our families and that we worry about getting things write, but if we trust in the Lord he will bless our families so much while we are here. Our investigators are going to learn by the Spirit. I do not have all the words to convert a person, but I can open my mouth and teach through the Spirit with the Lord on my side. I think this lesson was more for me than for my branch, and I am so glad I had the opportunity. 
So after my talk one of the branch president's counselors got up and spoke. So he starts out by telling that he was volunteering at an event with dogs and cats. He doesn't speak English very well, so we are like okay something about dogs and cats this is going to be great. Then he says, "I didn't get to eat breakfast in the morning so I'm very hungry." He tell us this woman walks over with a giant plate of meat and offers it to him. At this point all of us have very similar looks of disgust on our face. Like for real, he is at an event with lots of stray cats and dogs and this woman just offered him a bunch of cooked meat. Like is he going to eat these animals? What is going on here and why is he telling us this??  He then tells us how he was sick the next day and he still went to work even though he was sick. He explained that no matter how ill he felt, he was glad he had done the service and went to help a VACCINATION clinic. He was helping animals get spayed and neutered. Could he not have said that in the beginning??? Anyways, he said that he was glad he had done the service and even though he was sick, he still went to work for his family. He told us how happy he is that we are serving for our families and to stay positive. It had a great ending. But we seriously thought he had been eating cats and dogs, I mean, we are in Mexico after all.
I haven't really talked to yall about my investigators here mostly because they aren't "real" investigators. They are our teachers taking on the role of some one they taught on their mission. It is surprisingly hard, and we do take it pretty seriously as a companionship. It is crazy how much I love these people and want for them to be happy. We had our first person accept baptism this week and we were so excited. It was the best feeling. Then to our amazement, the teacher we taught trusted me and my companions enough to bring a real friend of his that is not a member and we taught her last night. We learned so much from that experience. It was not perfect. And I invited her to be baptized and she said that she would love to receive the priesthood. Oh man talk about panic. But she said she felt peace and comfort from our lesson and it was an amazing opportunity.  She agreed to come back next week. I can't believe I have only been attempting to speak Spanish for a month and I already have a real investigator who doesn't know even a little bit of English. But it's like they say, when you pray for something God gives you opportunities, and boy have I been praying for help with the language. What a wonderful opportunity.
Today we got to go to the Mexico temple! It was super awesome to get to leave the CCM. The temple is currently closed so we were only able to do a tour through the visitors center, but we really enjoyed the break from our normal day to day activity. 
Other than that things have been normal. We went from 4 teachers to 2 which was sad, but we won't be here all that much longer so we will get over it. Things are good. Spanish is improving, and I am so excited to get to Honduras. Hope all is well with everyone at home. Till next week!

Hermana Moyer 

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