Wednesday, April 2, 2014

First things first, I realized about three minutes after we got off our computers last week that I forgot to get ANY mailing address... so email them to me please! 
The first three nights were super hard. Every one here speaks Spanish all the time so we can learn by immersion. It was super intimidating. On Sunday we were able to relax a tiny bit and felt a lot better about it then. I don't speak very good English or Spanish anymore. It is all a jumble. I was super proud of myself though cause by Saturday I could pray, bear a simple testimony, and say my missionary purpose in Spanish. Hooray!
The food here was also pretty terrible the first few days. Nobody has any clue what it is and it tastes weird. But then by the third day we were so tired and hungry we didn't care any more and so now I really enjoy it. Especially the beans. MUY BUENO! Seriously though our days are literally just us surviving going meal to meal. We have so much going on. The best day is Tuesday because we get a Costco pizza feast for dinner before going to devotional. I can't even begin to describe how good that pizza was. I almost cried. Lol. It threw me off though when the natives covered their pizza in ketchup. We hadn't seen any ketchup before at all and suddenly they were covering there delicious pizza with it. It was almost a crime. On Sunday they surprised us with hot wings and fries, which are normally not something I would want. But it was so American we scarfed that stuff down. Even though we were in our nice clothes. Man that was a good meal. 
Something that made me laugh last week, we were in this super serious meeting about safety and this Teacher starts yelling to the Elders in broken English about how he doesn't understand why American Elders are so gross and they REALLY need to wash their hands. He said he has been in the bathroom with them and seen them just walk out after doing their business and was so frustrated. He told them "YOU GET DIARRHEA HERE!" I was totally cracking up. He was just so serious about it. 
In gym, this girl I met and I play ping pong. Which you wouldn't think is a workout but we are so terrible that we end up chasing the ball all over the place. It is pretty funny. We are determined to be masters at the end of the six weeks. 
Random story, we were in class and all the sudden these men are running in the halls yelling at us, but we don't speak Spanish so we had no clue what was going on. They just kept yelling at us. Finally they start using dramatic hand gestures, and apparently we were having an earthquake drill. It was no big deal in the end, we just had to go outside and stand in these designated safe ares. The situation was funny though. I can imagine their frustration at our blank stares. 
Random fact, there is no such thing as AC here except in the auditorium. So all the windows are open all the time and we get to enjoy the lovely scent of Mexico that is usually sewage. We are lucky though that it doesn't get very hot or cold here. It pretty much stays consistent throughout the days. Funny though how you miss things like cooler air. 
Sorry there isn't much structure to my email here. So much to say! 
We don't drink the water here. They are on their own well so it is considered safe, but they bring in these giant jugs of water that we use and also they gave us filtered water bottles. They are pretty good at taking care of us spoiled Americans. 
Every week they assign everyone a topic to speak on for Sunday in Spanish. You have no clue who is going to speak until they announce it at the pulpit. It feels like Hunger Games. For real. Luckily I didn't have to last Sunday because I seriously do not know enough Spanish to speak about a topic on Sunday. 
Most embarrassing moment so far... The other day I was carrying my lunch tray to the trash in one hand and my companion stopped me for something and when I turned around I straight up SLAPPED an Elder in the butt. I don't know how I did it, and I had no clue he was there. The worst part was the he is one of the natives here so I was trying to apologize and he had no clue what I was saying. Man was I red. Now every meal he sees me he kinda gives me this look and I turn red all over again. Fortunately for me the natives only stay for two weeks. Lol
Our Spanish teachers like to make fun of us and one of them will say a whole bunch in Spanish and ask if we understand and we all nod of course cause no one wants to admit we have no clue what he is saying, and he will say perfecto. But its more like pair-fec-Tohh. It always makes us laugh. I taught them to say yall and howdy partner and it's hilarious when they use it.
My companions are great. It was weird at first to be in a trio.  We didn't know the dynamic but we have worked really hard to get to know each other and get an understanding of our individual needs. They really are great women and I am so glad to spend this time with them. 
On Friday we had to teach our first "investigator." In Spanish. Which caused great panic. His name is Felipe and the poor guy had to sit there while we flipped through our books. And again the next day. We did a ton better on Monday. The bad thing is that we get super nervous and start laughing. We just have no clue what we are doing. We found out much too late that he is going to become our teacher as soon as we finish teaching him. Our last lesson is tonight. So that means tomorrow he will no longer be Felipe. I don't know if I like that so much, he know how terrible I am at this, but I know that it will be really great as he teaches us what we need to know. 
Things here are really pretty good. I am trying super hard to be positive and happy as well as have fun at the appropriate times. Spanish is not easy, but they tell us to speak Spanglish and we will get there. I hope all is well for everyone back home. Remember to appreciate things like water, and American food, and air conditioning. 
Hermana Moyer

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