Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Boy do I have a lot to tell yall. I will start from the beginning of the week.
On Thursday after our Pday ended we went to dinner, and they surprised us with pizza AGAIN and curly fries. No joke. And Cake. Though the cake here is weird, but hey cake is cake so we were excited. 
Friday we had our service project. We had to get in the back of this truck and deliver all the huge jugs of water to the classrooms and casas. Actually, the Elders had to deliver them. The sisters mostly sat there and watched. Don't worry, I was the one that handed them the jugs from the truck so I definitely worked, but it was really funny to watch the Elders act like such big tough guys. They were dying. 
On Friday Hermana Christopherson, one of my companions, got Krispy Kreme donuts delivered here from her dad so we got to enjoy that special treat. It was so delish.
Saturday and Sunday were great. Conference, conference, conference, and the meetings before and after. They were long days. I was really impressed with how well I payed attention for the majority of it. I took pages of notes and I have never done that before. I will be honest though, the last session on Sunday the auditorium was BURNING hot. We were all sitting super close together and it was started to feel claustrophobic. I fell asleep after the first talk and didn't wake up until President Monson was speaking at the end. After it was over I realized every one looked pretty sleepy and we all admitted that we had fallen asleep. It was just so hot in there. I can't wait till I can get a hold of those talks I missed and read them later though. 
Sunday night my branch president brought a birthday cake and he and his family sang the spanish happy birthday. It was super super cute. The cake was interesting and also delicious at the same time. Though I missed my usual Costco cake or cheesecake. 
Monday was the funniest day I have had since I have been here. I woke up and first thing, enjoyed diarrhea. Sorry I know that's gross but it really made the day what it was. Since I was wide awake I woke my companions up on time with a super positive attitude and tried to start the day off good, which is weird cause usually I am a grump. It only took about an hour for me to complain about my bathroom issues and to my surprise my companions admitted they too were dying of diarrhea. So after breakfast we have personal study and we made it through that okay. But then we had to teach our investigator Luis and I literally had to end the lesson quick and run the to bathroom. As did they. It was so funny. I literally could not stop laughing. So there we are all three of us dying on the toilet and laughing about it. After that we just decided that we were going to sit outside the bathroom and study and did so for quite sometime. Oh what a birthday. Seriously, the gift that just kept giving. We went to lunch and guess what they had. Well since I can't see your guesses I will just tell you. HAMBURGERS! Now, we probably shouldn't have eaten them in our current condition, but they were OH SO GOOD. Not even kidding. So then we spent the rest of the afternoon pretty much going to the bathroom and sleeping and hating all food Mexican. It was great. That night we had class again and it was normal expect for one of my teachers Hermano Hernandez, would randomly say "Feliz Cumpleanos Hermana Moyer" all throughout class and it was super cute. We had to teach an investigator that night and we were the last ones to go. When we got back to the classroom the lights were off. We turned them on and the room was filled with people from my generation (arrived the same day as me) all singing happy birthday to me. In English. And this Elder made me a ghetto cake out of cookies and candy from la tienda. Oh my gosh, it was so awesome. It was the perfect Mexico birthday, I could not have imagined a better experience here. To top it all off the each wrote me a note individually telling me that they appreciate me being here and and such. And one of the Elders wrote a fake one from "Doug and Sandy" that said "Dear FAVORITE daughter, we are so sad we can't see you on your birthday." It was sooo cute. They all thanked me for making them laugh which made me super happy. It really was a good day and I am so glad they made the effort cause I really missed family.
We live with crazy Latinas and holy cow are they loud. In one night they had ALL of us doing the limbo and singing and going crazy with them, then suddenly there was a pillow fight and I don't even know. Who knew that living with them would be such a blessing, but boy are we grateful. The make it so much easier to end the day well. 
I think that's everything. Sorry there is sooo much. But it was a good week. I hope all is well with every one. Till next week! 

Hermana Moyer

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