Friday, August 8, 2014

An Ending and A Beginning

Hey everyone!
Well, I had surgery last Thursday and it was a success. The wonderful surgeon was able to remove the cantaloupe sized mass without difficulty. Slowly but surely I am recovering and working on getting back to normal.
Now for the sad news... It has been discovered that I am in fact, a diseased child. I have a certain disease, that although it is manageable, I will need to go through treatment for the next six months. It has been decided by the church medical team and my wonderful doctor here that my mission journey has come to an end.
I am so grateful for the amazing opportunity I had to serve the beautiful people of Honduras. I was only able to be there for a short period of time but I learned so much. They have taught me the value of love, family, and caring for others. I was able to gain such a huge testimony of Jesus Christ, and of the truth of His gospel. I know without a doubt that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church.
A huge thank you to all that supported me on my incredible journey. I could not have done it without the constant care and love I felt from everyone here at home. I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. Please know that I truly appreciate all that y'all have done for me.
Never fear, I know the Lord has a plan for me and I am not going to give up. I have already taken the steps to begin school and plan to begin the joyous life of a student this fall. I am so sad my dream adventure had to end but excited to see what the future has in store.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Coming Home

Hermana Corleto and I were celebrating my recovery from two terrible illness with a treat of ice cream. So here were are at this store just after leaving the Doctor's office, buying are ice cream all happy and all that, when President calls. I happened to have the phone so I answered and he was confused because he thought I sounded like another sister that had been there for more than a year. So after complimenting me on my improved Spanish he says "Hermana Moyer you are going home."
Those were the words I never ever expected to here. I literally started crying and told him he must be kidding. I couldn't go home. I had work to do. But he explained that I needed surgery and it was better that I go home to do so.
Why do I need surgery? Well, when I was in the hospital with the two other illnesses they did a sonogram to see why my stomach was hurting so bad and discovered I have a huge cyst. After talking to the mission nurse and some other people, it was pretty much decided that I would be fine and we all thought it was something that would go away on it's own. When we went back to get cleared to work again, they told us that it really needed to be removed.
That morning I called the mission nurse and told her the size of the cyst and she let me know that she thought it would be fine but she was going to talk to the mission doctor. It was decided by him right then that I needed to go home. I had no idea. By the time President called me, the plane ticket was already purchased and my family was aware of what was going on.
The blessings in this situation... first off, I GET TO GO BACK! I am only home temporarily. Just to have surgery and return. I am also very grateful that things happened the way they did. Had I not been so ill I would never have known I had a cyst. I honestly thought my stomach hurt because we were doing ab workouts every morning. Had we not known it could have been very, very bad.
I only had a day and a half to prepare to leave. I literally had after that phone call to say my goodbyes and then the next day I had to go to the city so my companion could still work. Those few hours were so great though. We went and said goodbye to a few families, everyone gave me a ton of food, and they cried. They were so sad to see me go. It was so cool to see that I had done what I came to do. I love those people and cared about them so much that they didn't want me to go.
Hermana Eufemia, my mom in the mission. She would wash my clothes and sit with me when I was sick.  
She gave us tamales before I left. They were HUGE. 
My district threw me a going away party which was super sweet. They cooked me food and we all just sat around and talked.

 President came to our house to say goodbye and bring my travel info. I think he was really sad and aware that we were very upset so he brought us chocolate cake. It was super sweet.

 I wanted to take a picture with a donkey since my first day. Just cause they are everywhere in La Paz. We are walking next to a highway here and found this one. I think it wanted to be my friend.

I do not know why this happened. This whole mission journey has been such a struggle the entire time. I must admit that each time I get knocked down, I amaze myself when I don't give up and get up and keep going. I worked way too hard to serve and I know that I can bless people's live. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for me. He really must be preparing me for something big with all these trials He throws in my path. But I am ready.
I know that this church is true. I am so excited to be home with my family for this short "vacation" because it is a huge reminder of why I wanted to serve in the first place. The church really does bless families and I really feel blessed to be able to teach others how they can receive these blessings as well.
I am not giving up... I just barely started.

July 7

Hey All!!
I hope that every one is doing well! Another week down and another fast Sunday. I cannot believe it. Where has the time gone? 
So I remember when we were younger, okay even just before I left, and Mom would always yell at us for not being serious in the prayer and that we need to not laugh. I promise, normally I don't laugh in prayer. I mean I have experienced some pretty out there prayers here (they like to stand up and yell and stuff), but I NEVER laugh. Well I laughed during a prayer. So I have an admirer in church, his name is Carlos or Juan, I can never remember. Well he like to speak English to me and it's always SUPER awkward. We were in church and he came up to me and said "Sister Moyer can you come to my house" and I was kinda creeped out and all, but told him in Spanish that I would love to come visit his family. During the week we went and visited his mom, and I will admit I was happy that he wasn't there just cause it is SO awkward. But he showed up after a few minutes. I think she told him we were there. Anyways, so we had a super akward lesson and invited her to come back to church and remember the blessings of the gospel and all that. Well we are chatting and all the sudden in English he says "Are you leaving" and we were like uh sure yeah we are leaving. So we invited him to say the prayer and he prays for his family and all that then he says "please bless Hermana Moyer and uhm Hermana... uhm... uh... her companion..." then he is embarrassed so in the prayer he stops looks up and asks Hermana Corleto her name and goes to continue his prayer but his mom straight up hit him. And I laughed. I am a terrible human being, but I laughed in a prayer. It was so funny. Please bless Hermana Moyer and uhmm..... oh man. So funny.
So since I had been sick the ward missed their gringa and when we went yesterday in the middle of welcoming everyone and all that the Bishop announced that they were all so grateful that Hermana Moyer was back at church and doing well. Oh man I was so red. In front of EVERYONE. Ugh good times. It is so cool though that I have my ward family here in La Paz that care about me and want to help. I remember feeling so out of place those first few weeks, but now it's all so normal. I really am enjoying my mission and all these new experiences. 
Well I miss you all and love you soo much. 

Hermana Moyer

June 30

Hola familia!
So guess what. I was actually really sick last week. And the week before. BUT I AM BETTER WHOOO!!! The problem is that I, yet again, don't have much of an email to write. I will fill you in on what it's like to get sick in a third world country. What an adventure. So I got really sick one day, and all the sudden I had a temp at 39.5 which is bad. I don't know how to convert that. So the next day we went to the hospital and they did a test and thought I had Typhoid Fever but weren't really sure. It was dumb. So we went to the city the next day to a different much better hospital and they did a oh goodness what is it called, that test thing with the wand to look at babies in women's stomachs, can't remember, but yeah they did that to see why I had so much pain in my stomach. They didn't find much just confirmed that I had Typhoid Fever then sent us home with meds. Which is why I used the card a bunch. Sorry! 
We were told to return for a checkup on Tuesday, so that meant I had to get over here to email last week. Yeah, I flat out fell asleep on the keyboard trying to tell you guys I was fine. But I tried! We went back on Tuesday and the doc was like woah, no way, you aren't any better. So I was hopitalized for the 3 most boring days of my life. Turns out I had Dengue ALSO. Whoo. But all is well now. I am better. Not working yet, but I am giving my comp all sorts of attitude so that's a good sign. The worst part of the whole experience is that we were in this hopital room for three days with a glorious looking tv and we could not turn it on to watch the world cup. So disappointed. 
Yeah, that's pretty much what's been going on. I am all good now, and don't want any of you to worry. If anything I have learned that I am definitely one tough and determined girl and I can do ANYTHING. I am so happy to be here in Honduras. Seriously, I am falling in love with this life I am living. I can't even remember the life I used to live. Like this morning there was a dead lizard in our pila and I didn't even flinch. I was actually upset, like how dare you die in our pila cause now we have to take the time to clean it. Ugh. Before I probably would have been a lot more dramatic about it. 
I love you guys so much. I know that this church is true. I am so gratfeul for the knowledge I have the we are all beloved children of our Heavenly Father. It does not matter what color skin we have, how tall we are, where we lived. He loves us each individually and through Him we can do anything. I mean, I can speak Spanish for the most part. Not perfect of course, but people understand. I was sitting in a hosital bed last week with these two doctors telling me all sorts of stuff and I could understand. We can do anything through the Lord. Have faith. I know that through faith we can do anything. This church is true!
I love you all soooooooo much and can't wait to get back to work so I can tell you all sorts of fun stuff. 
Love Hermana Moyer

June 16

Okay so I made a list of random things here to tell you. 
The trash system here... yeah it doesn't really exist. So what they do is pile up their garbage on the street and set it on fire. It took me like 3 weeks to figure out why there was always burning piles everywhere. Yeah it's there trash. And guess what, it doesn't even smell all that bad.
Sister missionaries do have trash service. 
Public bathrooms also do not exist. So if you gotto go you gotta book it home. No joke. It is crazy. And you can't even ask a member really cause a lot of the time they don't have water so you end up just making them feel bad. 
I think Lady Gaga came out with a new song in the states recently because they just started playing it like crazy here. Like ALL THE TIME. 
Uhm the rain. Whomever it was that said walking in rain would give me soft feet had no clue what that really meant. What really happens is your feet get super soft and your toe nails crack and it is super painful when your feet are dry again. We were walking in pouring rain and I saw a family walking without umbrellas. I recognized them as the Elder's investigators and without thinking I took Hermana Corleto's umbrella and mine and gave them to them and kept walking. Hermana Corleto didn't seem too upset at me, just helped me assure the investigators that we were fine and hurried along beside me. We were completely soaked through.
People here are blunt. Like crazy blunt. So they like to tell me things like "oh hey you are sweating a lot" and I have to fight the urge to be like "NO WAY??" I mean, it's not like I just climbed up three giant hills to get to your house. But yeah. And zits... they like to point those out too.They will say hey you have a big friend on your face and it is totally normal for them. Oh and they like to tell me that my family is going to think I am beautiful when I go home cause I am going to lose so much weight here... I thought they already thought I was beautiful... :)
And now for the stories of the week...
So I had my first experiences with bad food this week. First was a "dessert." Actually it was a bowl of molasses, coconut, and cinnamon, and my companion almost laughed right there because she could see how hard it was to keep a straight face. I just told myself to take huge bites and it would be done faster. I'll be honest though, as soon as we left and were out of sight I started to gag right there in the street. Oh man was it bad. My companion thought it was pretty funny. 
Then we had interchanges on Friday so I was here in La Paz with another Gringa. Well we decided to try a fruit that they told us was super good and we would love it. Kinda looks like a GIANT snap pea in a way. So anyways we had no idea how to eat it and we just kinda went for it. It had this fuzzy white coating around what would be the pea. So we both take a bite, and I am thinking to myself "this is not good," but I am trying to embrace culture so I take another bite. And we are just quietly chewing. Finally I told her "I don't think I like this" and she was like great me too, and we spit it out. But oh man the taste in our mouth. We ate cereal, tortillas, and whatever we could, but that taste would not go away. Finally we sat there and just kept eating mint after mint. And when my companion came back from changes she saw the fruit and got SUPER excited. We just stared as she ran over, peeled of the white part and ate it then threw away the pea looking part. Yep learned our lesson... never eat ANYTHING without a Latino around to tell you how. 
This week I felt truly happy for the first time here. It's has been this crazy hard adjustment that did not feel good at all. Then I had this moment when I realized that I really cared about some of the people and since then I have felt happy. My area is hard. We have a really difficult time with both the ward and investigators. But we keep on trying because we have moments that make us feel absolutely amazing. Like one of my favorite families. They are menos acitvos and don't come to church very often. We visit them every once in a while and they just have such a hard time. The dad is a drunk and has brought down the whole family. They didn't want to pray. They just seem so sad all the time. One day we asked the hermano to pray and he said no, that he wasn't worthy and couln't do it. We told him prayer is for everyone. It's not a show. Just try a little teeny prayer. Well he said the best prayer I have heard from anyone here. It was beautiful and he prayed that his Dad would stop drinking and I wanted to cry for them. It was so sad. The next time we went to visit he said the same thing, and I told him that I remembered his prayer and that I thought it was wonderful, and it just lifted his spirits to hear that. All I did was remember his prayer and that gave hime hope. He prayed again that day. I love that I can have a little bit of an influence on these people. Esepcially now that I can speak more Spanish.
I know that this church is true and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to serve. I love what I am doing and learn so much every day. I had to give a talk in church yesterday. A TALK! In front of everyone, and I told them the same thing I am telling you now. Have faith. This life is so much better, so much happier when we have faith. I was reading in Romans I think it was 6 or 8, this morning. We have trials to have experience, experience to have faith, and faith to have hope. Heavenly Father loves us. Christ suffered for us. And this life is worth it. 
I love you all SOOOOOO much! And miss you all like crazy. Pray everyday for I know it will help you!
Hermana Moyer  

June 9

June 9
Every time things get super slow, we have no one to teach, and we kinda feel discouraged, we are taught a lesson. This time it was patience. So we went out looking for new people and met a bunch of bible bashers (who really have never read the bible in my opinion), Catholics, and people that just don't want religion. Determined to find people we searched for days. Finally one afternoon after a particularly unfriendly bible basher, we ran into a young woman on the street. She just happened to be out there and happy to talk to us. So we set up an appointment and she even went to church. Well last week her sister asked if we could do noche de hogar (FHE) and of course we said yes. Hermana Corleto asked what I thought we should teach and I thought that it would be best to talk about Christ of course, so we planned a lesson from 3 Nephi when Christ blesses the children. I explained to the family that in my own family we would have a lesson and sometimes play a game or something fun, so we taught the lesson and set off to play a game. Oh man it was great. All the sudden every child in the house was in the room (13 children) and we played a game similar to hot potato. Then the last round, whoever lost had to pray. We had so much fun and the family LOVED it. I am so glad that we had that experience. That is my purpose here. To help families find happiness. I don't know what is going to happen with this family, if they will join the church or not. But I do know that they will remember that night the sister missionaries came to their home and brought them all together to talk about Christ and feel love. It was a wonderful experience. 
Chinese food with the Elders on P-day... because we could. 

I was very blessed this week to receive a huge handful of letters from my family and even a package of goodies! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am so lucky to have such a supportive family. I am really appreciate your continued support throughout each week. I know it must be crazy frustrating that I can never talk much, and yet yall still do it. I can't thank you enough. 
Spanish update! So things are definitely getting better. The bishop and I have this game kinda where we check my progress with Spanish. Pretty much he tries to talk to me and if I understand then he keeps talking, and if I don't he gets awkward and doesn't talk to me anymore. It's funny. So the other day he tries talking to me and I can understand and respond and he tricked me. He asked what my favorite food was here, and I told him Baleadas, and he said great we are having that tomorrow at my house, see ya there. I totally fell into the trap. I mean the food was delish, but the problem is that we live so far away from him and I never know if I am going to make it home before becoming ill. Oh what an adventure. But hey, I made it... just barely... but I did. :) Good times
Yo quiero compartir mi testimonio con ustedes. Familias son un bendicion de Dios. Estoy agradecida para tener la oportunidad para ensenar las familias aqui en La Paz. Familias puede ser juntos para siempre. Que un gran bendicion! Se que si nosotros oramos juntos podemos recibir paz y gozo en este vida y fortalecer nuestros familias. Se que necesitamoos tener la fe. Solo por medio de fe en Jesucristo y Su evangelio podemos ser felices. Estoy agradecida por la oportunidad para servir el Senor. Espero que ustedes pueden leer y orar diariamente. Promete que si haven estes cosas recibir├án muchos bendiciones. 
Hermana Moyer 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hola familia!
Can't believe another week has passed. And next week is fast Sunday so I will only have 15 more after that. WHAT?!!
I GOT MY PACKAGE!!!! Thank you so much. My shoes are already dirty so they are being put to good use. I was excited to see Easter candy. Mmm so good. And the minion shirt is the best. Thank you.
Also I recieved 3 letters. But I know there are more sitting in the office cause at the meeting Hermana Fortuna commented on how I had a ton of them in there and was unhappy that they didn't bring them to me. She said something else but I can only understand so much Spanish. Hopefully I will get the rest this week cause on Wednesday we get to go to the temple! YAY!!!!
So an intersting experience this week. I was feeling pretty lame after our meeting on Wednesday because they had my companion and I do a practice in front of every one about teaching baptism. Well I was as usual, the only person in the room that doesn't speak and understand Spanish very well. I actually felt so embarrassed after that I cried. I work so hard and yet I just can't get this. The process is always so hard. So we left the meeting and got on the bus and took a leap of faith. We pulled out our hymn books and sang a song, then separated and taught as many people as we could. Well guess what, all by myself in Honduras I got 2 contacts. I was so proud of myself. We normally don't even get two contacts in a regular day. Heavenly Father was definitely helping me to remember to be confident. Cause I can do this. I just need to be patient.
We were fed what I call the plantain nachos for our weekly dinner at a members house. Not even kidding I am seriously started to fall in love with the food. It is so good. I haven't had a single food here that I hated.
I got sick for the first time here yesterday. It was not fun. So I couldn't go to church and my companion had a member stay with me in the house so she could be with our investigators at church. I was in bed so I didn't even see this woman, but apparently she got bored and she washed ALL of my laundry. All of it. Like for real. It was the sweetest thing. And we had people calling to check on me and some even brought medicine for me. I am so blessed that this ward has taken me in. La Paz will always hold a special place in my heart. It is so frustrating, but oh so worth it.
The Pila, for clothes washing, and dishes, and water for the toilet. 
I know this church is true. I am so grateful for the blessings of this gospel. It is such a blessing to have the opportunity to be with my family forever and a privelage to teach this message to others. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I finished it yesterday and was actually sad that I didn't have more to read. We have so many blessings to gain from reading and studying the scriptures and I am grateful for the opportunity to do so. I love this gospel and I love this mission.
Till next week,

Hermana Moyer
Hey everyone!!
First things first, clumsy Cherish still exists. I worried so much about losing who I am, you know the silly, goofy girl that makes people laugh. Well it's not gonna happen. So the other day I bought some super glue to fix one of my two pairs of shoes. I'm sitting there trying to put the lid on this glue and suddenly glue shoots out the side of the lid, onto my face and into my eye. Yep, I got super glue IN MY EYE. How crazy right? I have inlcuded a picture of my beautiful face today. We called the nurse and she was freaking out because she had never heard of something like this. It was actually kinda funny. So she is panicking and I'm like uhm I have no clue how this happen, and my companion is trying to figure out what to do. We ended up going to the pharmacy and just using eye drops and within a couple days it was fine. So no worries. All is well. Just so funny and random. I have no clue how I do these things.
Super glue eye. 
You'll be happy to hear that my Spanish is improving rapidly. My companion likes to tell me that I am stubborn and that is why I have such success. It's true though, I am so determined to do this. I have talked more and more in each lesson. Well, when we are lucky enough to have a lesson. But it is getting better and I am so grateful.
The work here is hard. People really just don't want to hear it from us. So they set up appointments and then they will hide or refuse to open the door. The other day we went to a house and we could see her sitting on the couch shaking her foot and she flat out ignored us. But I constantly remind my companion that it is going to be okay. They just aren't ready to here us yet. So we walk a ton. I always think of the pioneer children song. You know they walked, and walked, and sang as they walked. We sing too, though I will admit that we are silly girls and currently sing Miley Cyrus, The Climb, because when climbing up a mountain, you just have to sing a song about mountains. Hey, at least it is inspirational right?
The beauty of Honduras... minus the trash

The other day we kinda got frustrated and we did what any smart girl would do, found the first house selling chocobananas, bought and enjoyed them, and got back to work. It's strange living here where people literally sell you stuff out there house. Like you look for a piece of paper by their door that says they sell it and just walk up and buy whatever. It is different. They other day we went to a restaurant which was really just the garage of a house. They serve the food out the window and you can see their bed. It was weird. But oh my was the food good. I had like nachos but the chips were fried plantains. Oh my. I am actually enjoying some of this food.
Good side of poverty... marbles, kids out home were never outside and here they draw a circle in the dirt and play marbles together. It is so cool that they are out and about and their families get into it. I enjoy seeing the simple side of having a good time.
This week I have been reading in Helaman 10. I was reading about Nephi and how the Lord gave him the power to decide what the people needed. I thought about what I would do in that situation. I would never be able to wish famen upon anyone as he did. But as I thought about it and my purpose here, I know that I would just love them. No matter who they are or what they do in their life, I can just love and serve them to the best of my abilities. In the end, whether or not some one accepted my message or not, at least I tried with pure intent to help them.
I love this gospel and I am grateful for the opportunity I have to be here. I only have a year and a half to enjoy this adventure and I have decided to take every advantage I have to take it all in. All is well and I miss you all so much. Be safe and be happy. Love you!!!
Hermana Moyer

Hey everyone!
What a blessing it was to talk to everyone yesterday. Seriously, it was the best thing for me. I really appreciate all the support from each of you. The signs were absolutely amazing and so thoughtful.
This mission is hard. I am dealing with so much that I don't know here. The people really like me because I am a gringa and so they give me a lot of attention and I have no clue what they are saying half the time. Honestly this whole thing thing is a struggle. but I am learning so much and there is no way I would ever quit what I have worked so hard for. I know that I am being blessed so much here. For example, my shoes gave me some crazy blisters one day, they hurt so bad. There was one on each big toe at least the size of a nickle. I was worried about them opening and bleading and making a mess in my only pair of shoes. Well I woke up the next morning and the were pretty much healed. Like there really wasn't anything there. It was incredible. I have not gotten sick to the surprise of pretty much everyone. There are sisters that have been here for a year and still get sick at each change. It has been a huge blessing to be healthy and well enough to just get out and get to work. I have never been a morning person and I wake up each morning dreading the day ahead. It is hard to get going and be positive. But as soon as we step outisde our door and get to work, nothing else matters. I can't wait to really lose myself in this work. Because of this whole language barrier though I am too often lost in my thoughts of what I miss. With time all will be well.
So creepy, the other day our investigator was wearing a shirt that said in English "We record when no one knows we are watching" with a pciture of a camera. I just thought that was the creepiest thing ever. Like if he knew what it said maybe he wouldn't wear it.
So in each lesson we start out with a song. Well the other night my companion picked a song but got it confused with another so she was singing the words to a different tune. I just followed along cause it wasn't like the investigator knew. And he wouln't have known, had she not realized and started laughing. So I was laughing, and this poor dude just kept singing all by himself. It was so bad.
Anyways, I miss yall so much. I have to go wash my laundry and buy food now. Whoo.
Know that I know this church is true. There is nothing more important in this life than family and Christ. Through Christ we can all be happy in this life. We can achieve anything (even living in another country for 18 months.) I am so grateful for this opportunity that I have. It is the hardest thing I have ever done but it has already changed me for the better and will continue to do so. The Book of Mormon is a huge source of strength. I am so grateful that we have the ability to read and learn from the examples. This life is a blessed one. I encourage all of you to pray. Pray daily, and kneel both in the morning and the night. It will help you so much.
I love you and miss you like crazy. Only 16 more fast Sunday's though so I am going to take advantage of each and every one. :)
Till next week,
Hermana Moyer

Monday, May 5, 2014

So I am finally here in Honduras. What a relief. Believe it or not it took me two days to get here. We flew to San Pedro and then there was a fire so our flight was cancelled. Since we didn't have a phone we prayed a bunch and luckily some Elders from the San Pedro mission came to rescue us. Then on Tuesday we flew from San Pedro to El Salvador and the back to Tegucigalpa. What an adventure that was. But I am here. 
The fire that cancelled the flight. :(
People I arrived with! Only two of us from the states. Represent. 
My first area is La Paz. Let me tell you a bit about it. Okay so we have runnng water, I get to take showers every day, we have a washer and drier, a running toilet, food in abundance, and people who just adore the missionaries. Just kidding. We have none of that. I take a bucket shower every night and the toilet we have to use the bucket to pour in water and get it to flush. There are bugs every where and I am lucky to have a door to close each night. These people here have nothing. I am living in straight up poverty. They don't like to talk to us very much. We have some interesting investigators. I have no clue what they are saying pretty much all the time. This is literally the hardest thing I have ever done. But all is well. WIth each day I have to remind myself that I need to get through today and tomorrow will be better. Eventually, I won't want tomorrow to come because I love today. I don't have to like this right now. I mean, I've been thrown into to less than the poverty in the states and even worse, I don't speak the language. But I have been called by a prophet of God to serve right where am I because the Lord knows that I can and trusts me. I will do this and eventually I will love it.
I know that this is the true church. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and his atonement. I am grateful that I can be with my family forever and what a blessing that is. I know that Thomas S Monson is our prophet today to lead and guide us. I am so gradteful for this gospel.
I only have 40 minutes to write, so sorry if I can't respond. Know that I love all of you and miss home a ton. I am safe and all is well. Go to church!!!
Herama Moyer

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Last Post From The CCM!

Remember when I mentioned that random earthquake drill? Oh boy am I glad we had it. Okay, so we are sitting in class and all the sudden this annoying loud siren goes off and somehow we just knew what it was even though we had never heard it before, so we all took off running. So we go stand in these designated spots (these circle things with giant arrows) and wait. At first I didn't notice anything but then I realized that I was rocking back and forth and as were the buildings and trees and light posts. It was the strangest thing. I literally had no control over my own ability to stand. Luckily there were no injuries or anything. Things were fine after a few minutes. But it was pretty cool. We have had about three false alarms since then, but we are all safe and sound here. 

So Sunday was pretty good. They really made an effort to make Easter special. We had Sacrament in the auditorium with the Latinos too which was cool cause usually we are split. I loved how much attention and care they took to make it a success. Something about being in an auditorium filled with missionaries made it super special to me. It is amazing to think that we are all here with the same purpose. We had a great MTC Easter devotional we watched by Uchtdorf, and a whole bunch more devotionals later. So many to the point that I can't really tell you who said what in which one. Sorry. Just know they were really great and that one thing I really loved hearing from them was that as missionaries Christ blesses us. If we trust Him, he takes away our fears, eases our sorrows, and sends so many blessing to our families. At one point that was said and there was and awwww throughout the room. We all misses our families so much and it is so great to hear that they receive blessing for our service. 
Monday was super exciting cause there were TWO package slips for me and my companions each had packages. Thank you so much Mom and Celia for sending me the treats. And the notes totally made me cry. I just felt so loved. I shared with the mail lady, and some Latino friends that didn't get anything. It really was great.Thank you soooo much!
I leave this lovely CCM officially on Monday at 7am. I cannot believe how fast time has flown. Last night we taught members to get experience on how we can help members grow their faith, and I realized that I really don't know Spanish well at all. My companions kept nodding and saying affirmative responses to these people and I could feel myself starting to panic. Like oh no, I don't understand these people at all. It was kinda scary. But then we left and I was quietly thinking about what I was going to do about this, and suddenly both of my companions admitted they too had no idea what was being said. So apparently they are just better at faking it than me. I am not nervous to leave here. This place has served it's purpose. I am excited to go get to work. I know that I have a ton of mistakes ahead of me. Probably a lot of tears and prayers. But you know, I want nothing more than to do this and do this well. I am so excited to get to Honduras and share the love of Christ with all these people. They may not understand me very well, and I know I won't be able to understand them for a while, but I am not alone in this. I like to think of one of my favorite verses in the scriptures. D&C 84:88 "And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up." What better than to know that. I am so grateful for this privilege I have to serve. 
I love you all so much! I miss you and pray for you always. Can't wait to email your from Honduras next week!!
Here is my wonderful district in our last week here in Mexico! Hello Honduras for all the Elders, Myself, and the Hermana on my left, and Nicaragua and El Salvador for the other Hermanas. Whoo!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I gave my first talk on Sunday!!! It was a complete success. Apparently when I am nervous I speak Spanish SUPER fast and the only people that could really understand were the branch presidency. But I did it all in Spanish, from the heart, and it made sense. If only my branch could have understood. I talked about the importance of the holy ghost in teaching. I told them that I know that it is so hard what we are doing, but the Lord is on our side and wants to help us so much, D&C 28:15-16. I told them that I know we all miss our families and that we worry about getting things write, but if we trust in the Lord he will bless our families so much while we are here. Our investigators are going to learn by the Spirit. I do not have all the words to convert a person, but I can open my mouth and teach through the Spirit with the Lord on my side. I think this lesson was more for me than for my branch, and I am so glad I had the opportunity. 
So after my talk one of the branch president's counselors got up and spoke. So he starts out by telling that he was volunteering at an event with dogs and cats. He doesn't speak English very well, so we are like okay something about dogs and cats this is going to be great. Then he says, "I didn't get to eat breakfast in the morning so I'm very hungry." He tell us this woman walks over with a giant plate of meat and offers it to him. At this point all of us have very similar looks of disgust on our face. Like for real, he is at an event with lots of stray cats and dogs and this woman just offered him a bunch of cooked meat. Like is he going to eat these animals? What is going on here and why is he telling us this??  He then tells us how he was sick the next day and he still went to work even though he was sick. He explained that no matter how ill he felt, he was glad he had done the service and went to help a VACCINATION clinic. He was helping animals get spayed and neutered. Could he not have said that in the beginning??? Anyways, he said that he was glad he had done the service and even though he was sick, he still went to work for his family. He told us how happy he is that we are serving for our families and to stay positive. It had a great ending. But we seriously thought he had been eating cats and dogs, I mean, we are in Mexico after all.
I haven't really talked to yall about my investigators here mostly because they aren't "real" investigators. They are our teachers taking on the role of some one they taught on their mission. It is surprisingly hard, and we do take it pretty seriously as a companionship. It is crazy how much I love these people and want for them to be happy. We had our first person accept baptism this week and we were so excited. It was the best feeling. Then to our amazement, the teacher we taught trusted me and my companions enough to bring a real friend of his that is not a member and we taught her last night. We learned so much from that experience. It was not perfect. And I invited her to be baptized and she said that she would love to receive the priesthood. Oh man talk about panic. But she said she felt peace and comfort from our lesson and it was an amazing opportunity.  She agreed to come back next week. I can't believe I have only been attempting to speak Spanish for a month and I already have a real investigator who doesn't know even a little bit of English. But it's like they say, when you pray for something God gives you opportunities, and boy have I been praying for help with the language. What a wonderful opportunity.
Today we got to go to the Mexico temple! It was super awesome to get to leave the CCM. The temple is currently closed so we were only able to do a tour through the visitors center, but we really enjoyed the break from our normal day to day activity. 
Other than that things have been normal. We went from 4 teachers to 2 which was sad, but we won't be here all that much longer so we will get over it. Things are good. Spanish is improving, and I am so excited to get to Honduras. Hope all is well with everyone at home. Till next week!

Hermana Moyer 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Boy do I have a lot to tell yall. I will start from the beginning of the week.
On Thursday after our Pday ended we went to dinner, and they surprised us with pizza AGAIN and curly fries. No joke. And Cake. Though the cake here is weird, but hey cake is cake so we were excited. 
Friday we had our service project. We had to get in the back of this truck and deliver all the huge jugs of water to the classrooms and casas. Actually, the Elders had to deliver them. The sisters mostly sat there and watched. Don't worry, I was the one that handed them the jugs from the truck so I definitely worked, but it was really funny to watch the Elders act like such big tough guys. They were dying. 
On Friday Hermana Christopherson, one of my companions, got Krispy Kreme donuts delivered here from her dad so we got to enjoy that special treat. It was so delish.
Saturday and Sunday were great. Conference, conference, conference, and the meetings before and after. They were long days. I was really impressed with how well I payed attention for the majority of it. I took pages of notes and I have never done that before. I will be honest though, the last session on Sunday the auditorium was BURNING hot. We were all sitting super close together and it was started to feel claustrophobic. I fell asleep after the first talk and didn't wake up until President Monson was speaking at the end. After it was over I realized every one looked pretty sleepy and we all admitted that we had fallen asleep. It was just so hot in there. I can't wait till I can get a hold of those talks I missed and read them later though. 
Sunday night my branch president brought a birthday cake and he and his family sang the spanish happy birthday. It was super super cute. The cake was interesting and also delicious at the same time. Though I missed my usual Costco cake or cheesecake. 
Monday was the funniest day I have had since I have been here. I woke up and first thing, enjoyed diarrhea. Sorry I know that's gross but it really made the day what it was. Since I was wide awake I woke my companions up on time with a super positive attitude and tried to start the day off good, which is weird cause usually I am a grump. It only took about an hour for me to complain about my bathroom issues and to my surprise my companions admitted they too were dying of diarrhea. So after breakfast we have personal study and we made it through that okay. But then we had to teach our investigator Luis and I literally had to end the lesson quick and run the to bathroom. As did they. It was so funny. I literally could not stop laughing. So there we are all three of us dying on the toilet and laughing about it. After that we just decided that we were going to sit outside the bathroom and study and did so for quite sometime. Oh what a birthday. Seriously, the gift that just kept giving. We went to lunch and guess what they had. Well since I can't see your guesses I will just tell you. HAMBURGERS! Now, we probably shouldn't have eaten them in our current condition, but they were OH SO GOOD. Not even kidding. So then we spent the rest of the afternoon pretty much going to the bathroom and sleeping and hating all food Mexican. It was great. That night we had class again and it was normal expect for one of my teachers Hermano Hernandez, would randomly say "Feliz Cumpleanos Hermana Moyer" all throughout class and it was super cute. We had to teach an investigator that night and we were the last ones to go. When we got back to the classroom the lights were off. We turned them on and the room was filled with people from my generation (arrived the same day as me) all singing happy birthday to me. In English. And this Elder made me a ghetto cake out of cookies and candy from la tienda. Oh my gosh, it was so awesome. It was the perfect Mexico birthday, I could not have imagined a better experience here. To top it all off the each wrote me a note individually telling me that they appreciate me being here and and such. And one of the Elders wrote a fake one from "Doug and Sandy" that said "Dear FAVORITE daughter, we are so sad we can't see you on your birthday." It was sooo cute. They all thanked me for making them laugh which made me super happy. It really was a good day and I am so glad they made the effort cause I really missed family.
We live with crazy Latinas and holy cow are they loud. In one night they had ALL of us doing the limbo and singing and going crazy with them, then suddenly there was a pillow fight and I don't even know. Who knew that living with them would be such a blessing, but boy are we grateful. The make it so much easier to end the day well. 
I think that's everything. Sorry there is sooo much. But it was a good week. I hope all is well with every one. Till next week! 

Hermana Moyer

Sunday, April 6, 2014

This week was not nearly as exciting or crazy as our first week here. We do the same things every day now and have adjusted to our busy schedule. We are learning so much here. It is truly an amazing opportunity to be here in the CCM where the teachers care so much and want so badly for us to learn what they are teaching. My Spanish is improving slowly but surely. I know it is going to be a long difficult road learning the language but already we have been blessed so much. 
On Sunday we had our first fast. Actually it started Saturday night, but we didn't know so it was kinda a surprise when we were told there was no dinner. It was a great experience to get to start a fast with my companions and then fast individually for things that I needed. I was a little frustrated with how many times people said they were hungry, because I felt that it kinda defeated the purpose of fasting if you complain the whole time, but I know that each of the missionaries I am here with, along with myself, has so much growing to do. By the time we go home in 18 months or 2 years, we are going to be such better versions of ourselves. Oh and the feast. Boy was there a feast once our fast was over. They gave us the most delicious meal I have ever eaten. We didn't even know what it was. But it was sooooo good. And they feed like everyone for break the fast so this place was filled. Which is awesome cause there are only about 150 missionaries here from the US. I think it is their slow time of the year. 
I got really frustrated with the language one night.  We were working on the computer and I just could not understand what I was supposed to be learning. It didn't make any bit of sense to me. Our previous investigator, and now teacher, came over and showed me what the computer just could not teach me and it was such a blessing to me. I felt so low in that moment, and there was the Savior reminding me that I am not alone, and that when I really need help he will provide a way. 
We taught four new investigators yesterday in Spanish. It was pretty awesome to see how much we had improved. Compared to the first week when we were straight up reading from pamphlets, and now all we needed was a copy of el Libro de Mormon and could teach pretty successfully. I was super impressed. I know we aren't great, but still... 
I am indeed becoming a pro in ping pong. Except now we have stepped it up and play a game called around the world. I have no idea how to explain it other than there are six people and you run around the ping pong table hitting the ball. It is a lot of fun. One day we were playing and the floor was slippery, oh man was it bad. We were sliding all over the place. I managed to end up on the floor a couple of times myself, and the others we all over too. We were laughing so hard. We probably should have stopped seeing as it wasn't so safe, but it was too great. Our gym time has truly become important to us each day. Our brains really need that break.
Pizza Tuesday was of course amazing. And again they brought out the ketchup. I seriously do no understand why ketchup only appears for pizza night. So weird. The devotional was really great too. Can't remember what it was about, but it was in English so it was amazing. I think it was about conference. Things are really good here. I am learning and growing so much and as much as I miss home, I am so glad that I have this opportunity. Don't forget to watch conference this weekend. In comfy clothes! We get to watch all the sessions in our nice clothes and we aren't allowed to sleep or the call us out in front of everyone, so I KNOW I am going to learn a ton. I hope yall do too!!
Till next week,
Hermana Moye

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

First things first, I realized about three minutes after we got off our computers last week that I forgot to get ANY mailing address... so email them to me please! 
The first three nights were super hard. Every one here speaks Spanish all the time so we can learn by immersion. It was super intimidating. On Sunday we were able to relax a tiny bit and felt a lot better about it then. I don't speak very good English or Spanish anymore. It is all a jumble. I was super proud of myself though cause by Saturday I could pray, bear a simple testimony, and say my missionary purpose in Spanish. Hooray!
The food here was also pretty terrible the first few days. Nobody has any clue what it is and it tastes weird. But then by the third day we were so tired and hungry we didn't care any more and so now I really enjoy it. Especially the beans. MUY BUENO! Seriously though our days are literally just us surviving going meal to meal. We have so much going on. The best day is Tuesday because we get a Costco pizza feast for dinner before going to devotional. I can't even begin to describe how good that pizza was. I almost cried. Lol. It threw me off though when the natives covered their pizza in ketchup. We hadn't seen any ketchup before at all and suddenly they were covering there delicious pizza with it. It was almost a crime. On Sunday they surprised us with hot wings and fries, which are normally not something I would want. But it was so American we scarfed that stuff down. Even though we were in our nice clothes. Man that was a good meal. 
Something that made me laugh last week, we were in this super serious meeting about safety and this Teacher starts yelling to the Elders in broken English about how he doesn't understand why American Elders are so gross and they REALLY need to wash their hands. He said he has been in the bathroom with them and seen them just walk out after doing their business and was so frustrated. He told them "YOU GET DIARRHEA HERE!" I was totally cracking up. He was just so serious about it. 
In gym, this girl I met and I play ping pong. Which you wouldn't think is a workout but we are so terrible that we end up chasing the ball all over the place. It is pretty funny. We are determined to be masters at the end of the six weeks. 
Random story, we were in class and all the sudden these men are running in the halls yelling at us, but we don't speak Spanish so we had no clue what was going on. They just kept yelling at us. Finally they start using dramatic hand gestures, and apparently we were having an earthquake drill. It was no big deal in the end, we just had to go outside and stand in these designated safe ares. The situation was funny though. I can imagine their frustration at our blank stares. 
Random fact, there is no such thing as AC here except in the auditorium. So all the windows are open all the time and we get to enjoy the lovely scent of Mexico that is usually sewage. We are lucky though that it doesn't get very hot or cold here. It pretty much stays consistent throughout the days. Funny though how you miss things like cooler air. 
Sorry there isn't much structure to my email here. So much to say! 
We don't drink the water here. They are on their own well so it is considered safe, but they bring in these giant jugs of water that we use and also they gave us filtered water bottles. They are pretty good at taking care of us spoiled Americans. 
Every week they assign everyone a topic to speak on for Sunday in Spanish. You have no clue who is going to speak until they announce it at the pulpit. It feels like Hunger Games. For real. Luckily I didn't have to last Sunday because I seriously do not know enough Spanish to speak about a topic on Sunday. 
Most embarrassing moment so far... The other day I was carrying my lunch tray to the trash in one hand and my companion stopped me for something and when I turned around I straight up SLAPPED an Elder in the butt. I don't know how I did it, and I had no clue he was there. The worst part was the he is one of the natives here so I was trying to apologize and he had no clue what I was saying. Man was I red. Now every meal he sees me he kinda gives me this look and I turn red all over again. Fortunately for me the natives only stay for two weeks. Lol
Our Spanish teachers like to make fun of us and one of them will say a whole bunch in Spanish and ask if we understand and we all nod of course cause no one wants to admit we have no clue what he is saying, and he will say perfecto. But its more like pair-fec-Tohh. It always makes us laugh. I taught them to say yall and howdy partner and it's hilarious when they use it.
My companions are great. It was weird at first to be in a trio.  We didn't know the dynamic but we have worked really hard to get to know each other and get an understanding of our individual needs. They really are great women and I am so glad to spend this time with them. 
On Friday we had to teach our first "investigator." In Spanish. Which caused great panic. His name is Felipe and the poor guy had to sit there while we flipped through our books. And again the next day. We did a ton better on Monday. The bad thing is that we get super nervous and start laughing. We just have no clue what we are doing. We found out much too late that he is going to become our teacher as soon as we finish teaching him. Our last lesson is tonight. So that means tomorrow he will no longer be Felipe. I don't know if I like that so much, he know how terrible I am at this, but I know that it will be really great as he teaches us what we need to know. 
Things here are really pretty good. I am trying super hard to be positive and happy as well as have fun at the appropriate times. Spanish is not easy, but they tell us to speak Spanglish and we will get there. I hope all is well for everyone back home. Remember to appreciate things like water, and American food, and air conditioning. 
Hermana Moyer

Monday, March 10, 2014

My Address!

The time is finally here. I will officially be a sister missionary next week! CRAZY! I am really excited though. I have everything pretty much packed and ready to go. I had about 5 seconds while emptying out my room that I kinda wanted to cry but then I remembered how amazing this all is and got back to business.
Thanks to everyone that helped me get where I am today. I appreciate all the support I have had thus far and will forever be grateful to the individuals who didn't give up on me. Now, if any of you would like to write me (please do, I would LOVE it) here are my addresses.

Mexico MTC (March 19 - April)

Sister Cherish Moyer
Honduras Comayaguela Mission
Mexico Missionary Training Center
Carretera Tenayuca-Chalmita #828
Colonia Zona Escolar, Gustave A. Madero
07230 Mexico, Distrito Federal

Honduras (May 2014 - Septemeber 2015)

Sister Cherish Moyer
Honduras Comayguela Mission
Edificio Plaza America, Contiguo A Sears
una cuadra del Mall Multi Plaza, 3 Nivel
Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan

Also, an awesome source for sending letters is so check it out!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

28 Days!

This is slightly embarrassing. Last night as I sat in the high school parking lot waiting to pick up my brother from practice, I was suddenly overcome with sadness. Tears began running down my face as thoughts of how much I would miss my family went through my head. I won't be picking my brother up from school much longer. Seriously, my younger brothers and I have this weirdly awesome relationship that I am going to miss so much. 
After we went home, I sat in my room and contemplated this huge life choice I am making. I am leaving behind everything I know and love for 18 months. My only source of communication is an email once a week and snail mail. I am okay with that though. I worked so hard for this opportunity to sacrifice a tiny portion of my life to something I truly believe in.
I know that this experience is going to be difficult and trying. However, it is so worth it. The person I will be when I return home will be so much more. I won't be the same ole Cherish. I will be the Spanish speaking Cherish, that left everything behind to spend a whopping 18 months of her life with the people of Honduras. I will be stronger both mentally and physically. I mean really, no cars, no bikes. Just my trusty legs, getting me through the hills and mountains in Honduras. I might even get a tan. 
My point here is that with each decision we make, there is always something more to look forward to. I know there is so much I am leaving behind. Change is scary, it's uncomfortable, and it is difficult. Each decision I have made, each change I have made, has been a trial. The end result though, has always been incredible. My desire to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has stemmed from my want to help others find happiness. I am going to do that. Fortunately, I have the benefit of increasing my own happiness through my efforts. 
I can't wait to leave for my mission! Only 28 days until I report to the Mexico MTC. Time is definitely flying! 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Just The Beginning

After almost a year of hard work and dedication, I am nearing the beginning of a great adventure. In April of 2013, I decided I wanted to served as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I thought it would be easy. I would put school on hold, fill out the application, and be on my way. Ha. If only it were that simple. 
It started off with the school I was attending demanding money. Lots and lots of money. So I set up a payment plan and promised myself I would have everything done by August. No big deal, I just had to work hard and be smart with my money. At the same time I knew I needed to work on being healthy and prepared to do my first 5K with my Mom and sisters. 
Working towards our 5K was such a huge blessing for me. Patience is not exactly something I am fond of, and I will forever be grateful to my amazing sister Celia for giving me a goal to work towards. We completed our 5K in June of 2013 and it was so much fun. There were so many benefits from that experience. I spent time with the lovely females of my family, got some good exercise, and accomplished something I had never even considered being a part of before. 
In July the time came for me to complete medical and dental evaluations. I was pretty stressed about finding the money to pay for those but of course, everything worked out. The dental was covered by an amazing dentist friend of my fathers who was more than willing to help. He was happy to inform me that I passed with flying colors. (Shout out to my awesome sister Summer who drove me that day because I was too chicken to go alone!) The day of the medical exam I was pretty worried about passing. I just had this terrible feeling. I had no clue how much that was going to cost, and unfortunately did not have enough money to pay. I called my Dad crying, because that's what I do, and of course my wonderful father jumped at the opportunity to help me. Once again I passed the exam with flying colors. 
August came around finally and with school bills paid I arranged to meet with the Bishop to submit my papers. I was so excited that day. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I was SO sure everything was fine. I sat outside that office with this huge grin on my face and had no concerns when he finally called me in. When I left that office that day I was devastated. I had been rejected because of my weight. Honestly, I was angry. There had never been any mention of a weight requirement before and I just wished that some one had told me sooner. 
Luckily, my parents did not raise me to be a quitter. After a pity party that lasted about a week, I refreshed my sense of determination and hit the gym. The next few months were difficult. My emotions were all over the place. I felt pretty disgusted with myself. Being too fat to serve a mission was embarrassing. I never quit. I never gave up. I felt terrible about myself, but I had my fantastic family constantly on my case reminding me that I was worth it. 
I know better now than ever for that there is a reason for everything. I have gained such a huge respect for my parents and siblings over the past year that I would have missed out on had I not endured so many struggles. Each of them made a point to tell me how proud of me they were and that kept me going. I am so grateful for their support. I would not be who I am today without them. I love my family!!!
In December, I had lost a total of 40 pounds and could finally submit my papers. I completed the final interviews and began the waiting process. YAY! About a week after I submitted my papers, I checked to see the progress and was told they had not yet been submitted. I remember being so frustrated about that. After all this work I had done and my papers were just sitting there. I called my sister and told her that I just wanted SOMETHING to work out right. She reminded me oh so wisely that everything HAD worked out just not in my own time. I needed to be patient. She was so right. 

January 15th, I opened my mission call. I have been called to served in the Honduras Comayaguela Mission, reporting March 19th. I am so excited! This whole journey has been so worth it. Every trial has been a lesson to help me grow into such a better, happier individual. This new adventure is going to be so amazing! I know that I have been tested and tried as preparation for my journey ahead, and I am SO ready!